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Balotelli Agent Hints At Milan Departure

BalotelliAC Milan star Mario Balotelli may not end his career at the Italian side, according to his agent. Balotelli has provided some sparkling performances on the pitch for the Serie A giants though has courted bad press for his off-the-field behaviour.

Balotelli attracted unwanted publicity during his time at Manchester City, and his agent believes the media attention he has received may force him to move elsewhere.

“There is an exaggerated amount of attention on him,” Mino Raiola told Mediaset.

“It’s not on. I don’t know if I’d be able to stand it all personally. We all need to calm down and we’ll analyse things with Milan.

“Certainly Italy will not be the final stage of his career, but we still have lots of years on his contract here and we don’t want to think that he has to leave for this reason.”

One of Raiola’s reasons for leaving Manchester City was the incessant media attention on Balotelli by the British tabloids. Interesting that even in his home country the same type of media attention continues. Maybe Raiola needs to tell his client to make his statements on the pitch with his play, instead of always grabbing the attention off the pitch.