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Ausilio: We Want To Keep Icardi At Inter For Years

Inter director Piero Ausilio assures Mauro Icardi “will stay for many years, even without a release clause” in his contract.

In an interview with Mediaset Premium on Saturday, Ausilio was asked about reports Icardi will be given a much larger new release clause in his contract.

“The clause seemed monstrous last year, but when there is the desire to stay together, a clause is fairly futile. Icardi is thoroughly happy to be here at Inter and will remain for many years, even without a clause.”

In today’s market and with his Argentina caps building, how much is Icardi worth?

“A great deal, but he has a long contract and Inter are holding on tight. We don’t need to give him a valuation.”

One person who believes that Icardi is undervalued is Luciano Spalletti who said last week:

“The new Icardi look? I did not tell him anything, my players can to do as they want. The essential thing is that they do not disturb the work of the team. In this case, if a teammate turns and sees that blond glow, he recognizes him better and he is able to serve him and give him the ball.

” A clause for the Argentine? Icardi should be given the highest possible clause, at Isco’s level (700 million EUR) or higher.”