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ADL Has Hissy Fit After Higuain Departure

Aurelio de LaurentiisThe departure of top goalscorer Gonzalo Higuain to bitter rivals Juventus is a €90 million move on Tuesday has not gone over well in Naples.

There is frustration amongst the fans as well as club officials and Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentiis was not amused to be asked by a fan whether there would be any new signings in the wake of Higuain’s departure.

“Will you sign any new players?” asked one fan, which prompted a furious response from the Azzurri president.

“What kind of f*****g question is that?!” he snapped, prompting howls of protest from the fans that had gathered.

Having stated that Higuain would be betraying himself by joining Juventus, he was not afraid to make a quip about the new Bianconeri striker.

“Juventino? Call him Rubentino [thief],” retorted a smiling De Laurentiis when asked how Napoli fans should now refer to the former Azzurri hitman.

ADL has actually been busy trying to find a replacement for Higuain. After seeing bids rejected at least twice from Inter captain Mauro Icardi, it appears that Napoli have turned their attention to Ajax forward Arkadiusz Milik.

Napoli fans will be hoping that Milik is not the only new signing the club will be introducing in the coming weeks.