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AC Milan Give Up On Mario Balotelli

Super Mario is returning to the Premier League as Liverpool have signed AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli for £16m.

Balotelli announced the move this morning in Milan telling reporters before training:

“This will be my last day at Milanello.”

The £16m transfer fee means that Milan will take a £3m loss on a player who scored 30 goals in 54 games for the Serie A club since joining in January 2013.


Liverpool have been linked with strikers all summer, with either PSG’s Edinson Cavani or Monaco’s Radamel Falcao expected to join the Reds. But the club went in another direction to fill a need they had: the most and Brendan Rodgers alluded to the fact they needed to sign someone after Sunday’s win over Southampton.

“I do still think we need another striker,” Rodgers said after Sunday’s win over Southampton.

“It is something that we will look at, but it will depend on the availability of one.

“We will search through to the end of the transfer window.”

While its a bold move by Liverpool to sign the mercurial striker, what is the game plan in Milan? Twenty million euros for a striker like Balotelli is basically giving him away. For all the issues surrounding Balotelli, you cannot ignore the 30 goals he scored in 54 games. How will Milan replace those goals?