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9000 Juventus Fans Sign Petition About Antonio Conte Going To Inter

Antonio Conte Inter Milan

Antonio Conte has become the new manager of Inter Milan and Juventus fans are not happy about it.

The Italian spent 13 years in Turin as a player, becoming a club legend in the process, before going on to manage the Serie A giants between 2011 and 2014.

He has enjoyed a year off following spells with Italy and Chelsea but was announced as Luciano Spalletti’s replacement at Inter on Friday.

And that has not gone down well at all with his former club’s supporters, Inter being Juve’s most high-profile rivals.

In fact, the outrage led one fan to create a petition calling for the removal of Conte’s star from the Juventus Stadium, a petition which is now gaining some serious traction.

Its description begins by remembering everything the 49-year-old did with the Serie A outfit, describing him as ‘a beloved captain, who also played with his heart’.

However, it soon takes a dark turn, labeling Conte’s decision to join Inter one that will create an ‘indelible divide’ between him and the club.

‘Going to Inter isn’t a professional choice for Conte,’ it says. ‘A professional choice would be to go to Napoli, Roma or Milan.

‘Going to Inter means joining a club who have tried, luckily without succeeding, through several more or less clear channels, to destroy us and throw dirt on the history of which Conte was undoubtedly a protagonist.

‘Going to Inter will mean trampling on one’s dignity first. As far as I’m concerned, the star at the stadium represents what being a ‘Juventino’ is about and not just the past.

‘In making this jump, Conte no longer represents the ‘Juventino’ spirit and values that embody the other stars.