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Italy's Sexy WAGs: The (Baby Got) Backline

Mirror, on the wall… Who’s the waggiest of them all? Within the culture of world football, a new term has emerged for the players’ beautiful significant others, WAGs. These Wives And GirlfriendS of soccer stars have become so popular they sometimes receive more attention in the press than their superstar boy toys. While England is renowned for its WAGs, I think another country deserves the honor of “Home of the World’s Hottest WAGs”.

Which nation? Well, Italy of course. And what makes Italian women so sexy? Well, it’s got to be their curves. Think about it. Sofia Loren. Monica Belluci. Yesica Toscanini. These women are all so gorgeous because they aren’t stick thin, they look like real women. Real sexy women. And how does one acquire curves? You can’t. It’s pretty much genetics. One thing you do need though is a nice, large backside. A “badonkadonk”, if you will. So…

Which four Italian WAGs have the most checkable cheeks? Here’s my beautiful backline:

The “Baby Got” Backline

Giorgia Palmas: Though she is the girlfriend of Bologna player Davide Bombardini, Ms. Palmas is better known for her appealing “ass”ets. She once finished second in the Miss Universe Pageant. She must have lost to some whore from Jupiter, because whoever could be hotter than her is “out of this world”. I am so sorry for that pitiful pun already.

Alessia Marcuzzi: I’ve always hated Carlo Cudicini, the Italian keeper. He just rubs me the wrong way. I hate him even more now that I know Ms. Marcuzzi is his girlfriend. She must be rubbing him all the right ways (sorry again). Unlike Cudicini, she works full-time and is a rising star in Italy. How could she not be though with that much talent?  

Alessia Ventura: Two Alessia’s in one list? Oh yes. I’ll take two of them elsewhere too if you know what I mean (and I think you do, and if you don’t, I mean in bed). Ms. Ventura once dated Pippo Inzaghi and she is the TV “hostess” of Italy’s version of The Mole. The Mole? I can think of a few places I’d like to bury my head. What’s wrong with me?

Sara Tommasi: Ms. Tommasi, like Ms. Palmas, is a former beauty queen who now models for big-time money. Also, like Ms. Ventura, she also once dated Pippo Inzaghi (who is now my personal hero). Some folks say she is with Valon Behrami now, but it could just be hype. There’s one thing that’s real though, and that’s Ms. Tommasi’s sex appeal.

So, that’s my Italian WAGs starting backline, and I think it would be a pleasing view for the keeper. Please come back next week on Wednesday to hear about the squad’s sexy mids.