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Ventura: We Can Win World Cup Again

Italy Commissario Technico Giampiero Ventura belives that the Azzurri ‘can win again’ under his charge.

His side take on Albania at home on Friday in a World Cup qualifier, and then travel to the Netherlands next Tuesday in order to play a friendly.

The Coach revealed his thoughts ahead of the back-to-back fixtures, and revealed ‘everyone has a chance to play’.

“The fixture list? To have only two league games before Spain weren’t many,” the CT told la Repubblica. “In the friendly on September 1 the French had played three.

“But also the elimination of our club from the cups, perhaps after a tour of Asia, produces economic damage that outweigh the immediate benefits.

“The 15th place in the ranking? It is not right, but the rankings haven’t been accurate for years. Italy, four time world champions, were not seeded in the qualifying rounds. Woe betide to do it to a small team.

“We can win again. It’s up to me to create the conditions. Scared in Macedonia? No, not scared. Disappointed: it was the worst fifteen minutes of my career. But the comeback was the turning point. We changed form and understood how to be a team.

“What is the national team for me? It punctuated moments of my life, from games with the youth team onwards. The goal of [Gianni] Rivera to go 4-3 with Germany made bars of ice flew through the air in a bar at Cornigliano. And Gigi Riva was the driving force. And the tomatoes at the return of the team from Mexico in Genoa were talked about so much. And the triumph of Lippi. A player had the thrill of representing his country.

“I hope to give back the emotions that I received, but also to live them in person. Which national side would I choose to play? My own, I know that I have to put my stamp on it. For big teams need courage.

“Unless you have [Lionel] Messi and [Diego] Maradona: then everyone can train to play. If I got us here, it means that the work pays off.”

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